Planetary aspects in Vedic Astrology – how they work.

One of the many differences between western astrology and Vedic astrology lies in the small matter of aspects between planets. The first thing to bear in mind is that in the Vedic system only certain planets can cast a specific aspect. Not only that but in Vedic astrology the aspect has no orb – or rather, the orb is 30°, because the aspect is cast to the whole width of the house, and not just to any planet that resides in the house. 

Planets of the Solar System

Next, even if no planet resides in the house, the aspect is still valid, because the aspects are cast to the houses. For example, let’s say that Saturn resides in the 1st house. By opposition Saturn is aspecting the 7th house, regardless of whether or not a planet resides there. The 7th house will feel the restrictive, heavy hand of Saturn one way or another.

Moving on to the planets themselves, the four so-called personal planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus cast only the conjunction and opposition; Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and the Nodes also cast the conjunction and opposition. In addition however,  Jupiter, the greater benefic, casts the trine; Mars casts the forward (i.e., in the direction of the signs) square (4th aspect) and the forward quincunx ( 6th/8th aspect ); Saturn casts the forward sextile ( 3rd aspect) and the backward square (10th aspect). Last but never least the north node – like Jupiter – casts the trine.

Now a word about the strength of each aspect. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus utilise 100% of their strength and energy to cast the conjunction and opposition (7th) aspect.  Additionally:-

MARS = 100% strength on the house 4th and 8th from it’s position; 25% on the house 7th from him.

JUPITER = 100% strength on the houses 5th and 9th from him; 50% 0n the house 7th from him.

SATURN = 100% strength on the houses 3rd and 10th from him; 75% on the house 7th from him.

NORTH NODE/RAHU = 100% on the 5th and 9th from him; 75% on the house 7th from him.

Also, the north node (Rahu) sends a special aspect with 100% strength called purva paapa, which means “past evil deeds”. This aspect is thrown to the 12th house from his position, although bear in mind that Rahu always travels retrograde, so the aspect will be to the house it tenanted previous to the one it currently occupies, e.g., to the 4th if currently in the 3rd, to the 7th if currently in the 6th etc.

SOUTH NODE/KETU casts no aspects to planets but casts trines with 100% strength to houses 5 and 9 from his place.

  In the chart on the left, we see the Moon and Mars in mutual opposition from Libra to Aries. The Sun in Cancer casts no aspects, and neither does Mercury, while Venus in Leo in the 8th house is conjunct Saturn and Ketu. Jupiter in Scorpio throws a trine to the Sun as well as to the empty 3rd house. Remember that the aspects are cast to the houses, regardless of whether or not the house itself is tenanted. Now to the “special” aspects. Saturn from Leo throws his 3rd aspect with 100% force onto the Libra Moon, and his 10th aspect – with equal force – onto the empty 5th house. This latter aspect is especially important in this case as the 5th has Taurus on the cusp and Saturn conjuncts the ruler, Venus, in the 8th. Heavy! Next, with 100% strength Mars from Aries casts forward his 4th aspect to the Sun in Cancer; also his 7th aspect – with only 25% strength – onto the Moon, and his 8th aspect, again with 100% strength, onto Jupiter in Scorpio. Finally Rahu from Aquarius in the 2nd house casts trines to Mercury in Gemini and the Moon in Libra.

Here is a chart loaded with aspects! How do we choose the ones that take priority? I would look first at any aspect to or from the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant ruler. These must be of primary significance. In the example chart we see Saturn, lord of the Ascendant, throwing his 3rd aspect to the Moon, lord of the 7th. As lord of the Ascendant, Saturn’s aspects will be even more significant. Not only does he hit the Moon but he also conjoins Venus – lord of the 5th and 10th houses and therefore the Yogakaraka planet in this nativity.This is highly significant!

Next Mars – lord of the 4th house, throws his 4th aspect to the Sun and finally Rahu trines the Moon. As in the western tradition more information can be gleaned by checking the houses tenanted and ruled. The signs occupied are significant also. Put the pieces together like a jigsaw and slowly a picture will emerge.


41 thoughts on “Planetary aspects in Vedic Astrology – how they work.

  1. hi Pete, can u shed some light about stelliums pls. I have 6 planets in the 9th house simha, what generic outcomes does that imply? how do planets relate with each other in a crowded house? -siddhu


  2. Hi Siddhu,
    that is a very good question and one that can be very confusing unless you apply a little common sense step-by-step analysis. Of course with so many planets crowded into one sign/house it’s hard to know where to start but it’s important to remember that the 9th house is arguably the most fortunate house in the chart so each planet in it’s own measure will absorb some of that beneficial influence. That’s not to say that natural malefics like Kuja, Surya and Shani suddenly become benefic, a planet will always retain its essential nature, but they will be somewhat less harmful by virtue of their being in the house of the Father/Priest. That said, Shani dislikes being in Leo as he sees the Sun as a bitter enemy so if Shani is there he can harm the matters of the house, such as the circumstances or character of the father. Shani can be punitive and harsh, sober and austere. On the other hand, should Surya occupy the 9th in his own sign (Swakshetra) then there is a natural charisma and brilliance which shines through the philosophy and moral teachings. At this point I should just say that the several planets in this house will not cancel each other out, but each will express its essential quality both individually and through blending it’s nature with the planets closely conjoined.
    A very beneficial position would be if Guru occupies the 9th in Simha, the home of his friend Surya. Not only would he help to create a liberal and ethical type of religious figure, Guru would also confer exceptional generosity. The other major benefit of course is that from this house Guru casts his benevolent, expansive drishti upon the 5th house of creative genius, politics and children, as well as the Lagna, which he rules. His yuti with Surya forms a wonderful Rajayoga also that has the potential to bring blessings, creative talents and spiritual rewards into the life.
    Of course I do not know whether Guru is indeed a part of the stellium but if he is then you are indeed fortunate, although you may have to beware of “Karako Bhavo Nashto” – “too much of a good thing”., in this case – too much father, as a result of Surya in swakshetra in the 9th house.
    All in all though, if Dharma Bhava is occupied by the lords of the three trikona houses, and also by Budha, lord of the 10th, then many wonderful opportunities for career success in a priestly, teaching, philosophical or religious field will present themselves.
    Planets are like people: they are comfortable in some environments and uncomfortable in others. They get on well with certain types, feel neutral to some and seriously dislike other types. Shani and Shukra both seriously dislike Surya so naturally they feel very uncomfortable in Surya’s sign, Simha. If Shukra is present then it presents a double difficulty as he is lord of Ari Bhava (6th) and brings with him the portfolio of the 6th house i.e, poverty, sickness, debt, addiction, all of which influence the father/guru priest relationship in one way or another.

    I hope I’ve been able to answer your question without over-complicating an already complex scenario!


    • Hi Pete,

      Wanted to thank you for your deep analysis. For full disclosure I have the following planets in the 9th house: Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Rahu. I think Mercury is combust. But Mercury is the 10th lord. I had a pretty good time in the Saturn Mahadasha (some illness but childhood was safe, warm and fun). Mercury Mahadasha and I had a sharp focus education focus but confidence was low. Father has always been a figure to look upto: intelligent, disciplined, sincere. Now, I’m in Venus Mahadasha, gainfully employed after some time, changed industries, functions a lot, but basically R&D and entrepreneurial in nature. Really want to, but don’t know if I will, make it on my own.

      Thank you.


  3. Please explain how will jupiter help my marraige through its aspects .

    I have jupiter in 10th house in aquarius.
    I have a taurus ascendant and a sagittarius moon.
    With venus, sun in libra in 6th house.
    saturn and mercury in 7th house scorpio
    mars in capricorn in 9th house
    rahu in 11 house in pisces,
    ketu in 5th house in virgo

    Is Jupiter afflicted in my chart? Or how does it affect my marriage and career as it is 4th from the
    7th house.

    Please reply and thanks in advance


  4. From the description you give of your chart it is clear that Jupiter will offer mixed results in your life due to the various qualities it offers, both positive and challenging. As a natural benefic in a kendra Jupiter will bring opportunities for career expansion during his Dasa-Bhukti periods but it must be borne in mind that as ruler of the 8th and 11th houses Guru acts as a temporal malefic for Taurus ascendant. As L11 in 10 he is in the 12th from Swakshetra and therefore can provide a drain on one’s income. Heavy schedule of public time spent on leadership duties dissolves the opportunity to gain in the marketplace.. As L8 Guru in 10th can indicate one who is proficient at teaching others about hidden knowledge, secrets and esoteric subjects – all things that, by their revelation – can bring intense, powerful, transformative change to orderly systems
    While it is true that Jupiter is in 4th from your 7th, I do not see it influencing your marriage very much at all. Venus, Mars (as L7) and Mercury (as L7 from the Moon) are the karakas of marriage in your D1.


  5. Hi: If its possible, please do take a look at my chart. Details enclosed below:

    Gemini Rising
    Jupiter in 2nd in Cancer
    Mars/Ketu in 5th in Libra
    Neptune in 6th in Scorpio
    Sun, Mercury and Saturn in 10th in Pisces (Mercury combust)
    Moon and Rahu in 11nth in Aries
    Venus in 12th in Taurus
    Pluto and Uranus in 3rd in Leo

    Presently, I have entered the mahadasha of Jupiter. Personally, things are beginning to look up in the area of relationships, however in terms of profession and inflow of income/wealth, things seem to be still and unmoving, with minimal to no progress.

    Please do let me know when I can expect dynamic and positive changes and progress in the area of money and profession.



    • Hi,
      now that Jupiter has entered Gemini and your lagna, you can indeed expect improvements in relationships due to his aspect onto your 7th house, which he rules. I suspect that the reason you haven’t yet seen similar improvement in your professional life is because he doesn’t yet aspect the 10th house. He will begin to trine the 10th in June of 2014, when he enters Cancer and your 2nd house. That’s when I would expect to see professional improvements and an increase in income. It also coincides with your Jupiter return and that should enliven your life in many areas, but especially professionally.


      • Thank you so much 🙂 Really appreciate your taking the time to review my chart and for the valuable inputs.

        Taking up a new job on June 5th 2013 after a year long hiatus – hoping I will start to see some positive Jupiterian influences in my professional sphere – though I now understand that I will have to hang in there till June 2014 to see major jupiter induced breakthroughs and beneficent impact in my life.

        Thanks again for your insights and for your valuable time.



  6. Hello,

    I am eager to know how it will be for a taurus ascendant person going through Jupiter period.

    This Lord of 8th and 11th is in 6th house libra

    Below are my other combinations.

    Ascendant and 6th lord venus, 2nd and 5th lord mercury, 9th and 10th lord saturn and 4th house lord sun. All total 4 planets, sun, venus, merc and saturn are in 5th house.

    Moon is in 10th house aquarius and rahu is in gemini, ketu in sagittarius.

    Here venus is debilitated and combus, mercury is combust and retrograde.

    I am 31 and yet to be married. No good social life, not much friends.

    Will love to hear to hear a expert analysis.



  7. Hi Pete,

    I have a very unfortunate situation. I am kind of stuck in a very low job being very highly educated, My lagna lord Jupiter is in the 7th house of gemini. Moon in 3rd, Mars debilitated in 8th(Cancer), saturn in 9th(Leo). Venus in his own house of Libra(11th) is in no way helping me. Sun and Mercury are in 12th house, Rahu in 10th house(virgo) and ketu in 4th.Does the Jupiter transit to gemini have any positive effect. I feel like my whole life is wasted and all my education and hard work down the drain. I am currentl running Jupiter in saturn mahadasha. It will be very helpful if you can give an insight.

    Thank you.


    • Hello Valmeki,
      as I have stated in a previous comment I do not give free readings, no matter how difficult the situation. However I will say that if you are currently running a Jupiter bhukti then the current transit of Jupiter in Gemini should prove to be more helpful to you, as not only is this the year of your Jupiter return but Jupiter also aspects the lagna, 3rd house of communication and 11th house of unearned gains. Stay positive!


  8. Dear Pete,
    I have read your request on avoiding posts for free consultations, but my query is for my current situation.
    I am a Libra ascendant with Saturn as Yogakarka. In lagna kundali, Saturn is in the 8th house. Mars is exalted and in conjunct with Jupiter in 4th (kendra) house. Venus is exalted and conjunct with Sun in 6th house. I was pretty successful till a few months back when things ebbed and are low now. Will I peak back in my career ? Is politics a great field for me as I am inclined towards it?


    • Hello Amit,
      I couldn’t possibly comment without the proper birth information, ie: date, time and place, and in any case you in fact are asking for a free consultation by virtue of the fact that you wish to know if and when your career will improve and whether politics is a good career choice for you. If you went to an astrologer in India and asked him for that information how many rupees would he charge? It is no different just because my information is available online. I will help you out a little though: politics is ruled by Venus and the 5th house. I’m sure knowing that you can discover the answer for yourself. If not I’ll send you a list of my fees.



  9. Hi Pete,

    My Dob : 29.10.1986 and time 02:55AM with 19.9300° N, 84.5800° E.

    My astro signs are Sun Sign : Leo, Moon sign also : Leo
    1st house : Leo : Moon
    2nd House : Virgo : Ketu
    3rd House : Libra : Sun + Venus
    4th House : Scorpio : Saturn + Mercury
    5th House : Blank
    6th House : Capricorn : Mars
    7th House : Aquarius : Jupiter
    8th House : Pisces : Rahu
    9th – 12th house : blank

    Requesting you kindly, Please predict my astrology for below queries :

    1. I am really interested to settle in abroad countries like USA/UK/Paris, Working as a IT consultant. Do I have any indication to settle down in these countries. When and how??
    2. I am earning quite less then my abilities to earn. Since how long this bad situation will continued.
    3. I am little bit worried about my career in future. But at present it seems to be good. But as it is IT Technology, since I m not sure abt it. How it is going to help me in future.

    Please predict my astrology and let me know if any further inputs needed.


    • Hello Rabi,
      you seem to be new to my blog because it appears that you did not read my post regarding the solicitation of free readings. Please take the time to do so. ( See “A Polite Request) As a professional with over 40 years of experience in astrology I value my knowledge too highly to simply give it away without any form of recompense. You would not ask this of a doctor, an architect or a solicitor, nor should it be asked of an astrologer.



      • Hi Pete,

        I really valued and respect of your time and efforts. As you correctly indicated, I am new to your blog. And I thought as it is an open blog. Hence posted.

        Thanks for your response.


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  12. Hi, Pete,
    Birth Description:
    Sunsari, Nepal
    26.36 N / 87.10 E/ +5.40 (2 Sep 1979/ 00:40)
    I have 6 planets in 3rd in Leo. Could you please predict something more. Whats types of gems may be needed to strengthen the planets will be highly appreciated.



  13. Hi ,
    Cancer Ascendant ( Jupiter = Func Malefic )
    Moon in Sag in 6th house (mental stress etc )
    Jupiter in Leo in 2nd House (Jupiter in Friendly Sign aspecting 6th house of diseases)
    Can Jupiter guard its own house i.e 6th house ??


    • Hi Usama,
      I would say that Jupiter would add his protective influence to his own house for sure, and he would bring wisdom, protection and generosity to the Moon, whom he also trines. Bear in mind that whilst he acts as a malefic lord 6, he is also a highly benefic L9 as well. Knowledge is the key, and the wisdom that derives from it.



  14. Dear Pete,
    Can you please tell how to see à second marriage with your first spouse?
    Do we have to look for karakas in case of THE first or is there something else?



    • Hi Djesh,
      second marriages (whether to the first spouse or not) are shown in the horoscope by the 2nd house, as this represents the “death” of the first marriage (8th from 7th). Marriage karakas are Venus, and for a woman, Jupiter, particularly for the first spouse. The second spouse is described by Saturn more than by Jupiter.



  15. hi,
    ascendant – saggitarius
    jupiter in 12th house,
    moon in 6th house (forming vipreet rajyoga since it is lord of 8th house and exalted in taurus)
    will it form gaja kesari yoga even when jupiter is in 12th house??


    • Hi Pulkit,
      yes it will, since Gaja Kesari yoga occurs when Jupiter and the Moon are in mutual kendras from each other, regardless of the houses involved. That said, the quality of the yoga will differ depending on the quality of the houses. Kendras and konas from the lagna would produce the best type, whereas dusthana houses might not be as beneficial. Every nuance must be taken into consideration.


  16. Describe the Result of ruchak yoga. When cancer is the ascendant and mars is in 7th house along with debilitated jupiter and venus. And retrograted saturn is in 9th house in piceis…..


  17. hi pete thx f sharin all these huge infos so far….I would like to ask about when sbody has these signs…it supposed to be turbulent because of Ketu !? and more to come in Mars mahadasa ..even when mars is atmakaraka…!? here the planets…lagna gemini 24,22; Sun SG 2,36; Moon CN 7,09; Mars Li 24,50 ; Mercury Sc 19,01 ; Jupiter Ar 12,58 ; Venus Sc 3,06 ; Saturn Ar 15,21 ; Rahu Vi 13,54 ; Ketu Pi 13,54 …thx bros


    • Hi shaktiman,
      I’ll have a better chance to ask your question if I could eyeball the actual chart so please send the birth data. One thing I will say right off the bat: just because Mars is atmakaraka ot doesn’t necessarily follow that his mahadasha won’t be turbulent. Mars is Mars, after all and he is the worst temporal malefic for Gemini lagna.



  18. Hello Sir, Merry Christmas to you!
    Vedic Astrology, as a divine subject, is as endless as the Almighty Itself and can be mastered by only a few dedicated persons of higher spiritual level with God’s grace. I respect your knowledge, devotion & the time you spent on it to earn that divine blessing! But, this subject is surely not a cup of tea for me! But still, I try to learn a bit of this divine (& perhaps the toughest) science as per my ability. Btw, Physics was my major subject at Master degree.
    However, In this astrology-learning phase few basic rules seem very complicated to me. If you kindly allow me few minutes I have few things to ask! Though I use my own chart for the reference but I’m not asking about any free reading like education/job/marriage/health etc etc from you. The questions are of just general nature which will help me clear my confusions.
    1) What happens when a natural benefic like Jupiter becomes a functional malefic? What ultimate nature (overall good/bad) it shows to its occupying house &/ conjunctive planet(s) and what nature to its aspecting house(s) &/ planet(s)? Its Mahadasa result is overall good or bad?
    2) Similar situations when a natural malefic like Saturn becomes great functional benefic?
    3) Jupiter as a natural karaka of 9th house promotes its qualities if positioned there but what happens if the same Jupiter is also 8th lord and 9th house is its debilitation?
    4) What is the effect of retrogression upon planetary nature?
    5) Venus and Jupiter being enemy to each other does their yoga (Bheri yoga & VRY-yoga) produces any good result?
    6) What type of results can be expected in the mahadasa of a planet who is Yogakaraka as well as the atma-karaka too? I heard that mahadasa of atma-karaka planet is never good for materialistic happiness!
    7) If atmakaraka is exalted and in conjuction with Ketu (moksha-karaka) does it signifies any spiritual improvement? In that case, I’ve realized that spirituality is inversely related to materialistic happiness!
    8) A natural malefic planet as atma-karaka is good for spiritual growth but bad for worldly comfort and the reverse for a natural benefic.—-Is it true?

    Here is my birth details for the reference chart-16/09/1985, 22:30 Hrs, 87E31;22N42

    I know, I’ve asked you a lot of questions but responding to them is purely upon your judgement! I am just trying to earn a bit of your knowledge to understand astrology but not any particular prediction about my life-events. I believe in Theory of Karma & I am always ready to accept the fruits of my previous deeds and what the God has decided best for my soul’s upliftment. After-all life is a temporary dreaming state and learning stage for the soul.
    Thank you,


  19. respected sir; i have a basic theoretical query. sukra,say, conjucts budha. now,sukra trines any planet in5th to itself,fully(but budha does not trine it as it is much beyond orb). will sukra throw all budha-energy too on the planet so trined by it? pl clarify.


    • Ramesh, thanks for your question. The simple answer is that Shukra (Venus) does not cast a trine, only Guru (Jupiter) – and arguably Rahu, does that. Even so, if any other planets share the same house with Jupiter they do not share in aspects cast by Jupiter.
      I hope this helps to clarify things.



  20. respected sir; thanks for lucid clarification. i have one more query. i read in Wikipedia,that a rasi lord-depositor of a planet (placed in its rasi) acts as that tenant-planet too,thus projecting out tenant’s energy too,while aspecting. Wikipedia gives various references of recent books. i will be grateful if you could give me references,for above, of ancient/original texts like saravali, uttarkalamrut, bphs etc. i am unable to locate any such. regards.


    • Hi Ramesh,
      well I.must admit that I have never heard of that particular rule, and sadly right now I don’t have the time to search for it. Keep looking and if you find the reference please let me know!


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